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Product Description




Techinial Parameter

Input voltage220V-50HZ/110V-60HZ
Input power150W
Output power0-100%±10%
Output frequency30MHz
Output voltageAC 30-150V
Treatment of needle wire0.01mm(Diameter)
Output modeContinuous and pulsed two modes
Liquid crystal display8.4Inch
Operating modeTouching screen

Competitive advantage of our RBS machine

1. The newest technology for red blood silk removal in the market.
2. Instantly treat concretionary hemoglobin and pathological blood capillary.
3. Treatment pen is only 0.01mm, good epidermis protection and immediate telangiectasia sealing.
4. Two working modes pulse and continue, guarantee more comfort and obvious results
5. No pain, no risk, and no down time.

6. Painless 30Mhz, super effective results.

Features—LCD and operation system

1. Clear & convenient operation touch screen, humanization operation system

2. Intelligent control system, easy and simple operation 

Theory introduction

This instrument will produce 30000000 Hz ultra high frequencyelectro magnetic oscillation with the unique

soft silk (than hair thinner) to breakdown the hemoglobin and release the energy transferring into the skin

surface to remove lesions, capillaries, and intravascular hemoglobin and break them into small molecules

that will be absorbed by tissues, and disappeared with body’s metabolism.

Detailed of our machine 


The needle


This RBS system

It is the only one that is able to promise to be effective at one time. This machine together with soft silk (thinner than hair)

adapts high frequency of lightning micro point to create Uhf electromagnetic vibration instability to Smash the hemoglobin

within 1/100s, which means we can use this machine to wipe out anti redness. It’s miracle effect is beyond other machines’.

This machine will take the place of conventional RBS machine, E-light, Laser as well as blocking instrument and bring a

totally new revolution of global beauty techniques.

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