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Product Description

Treatment Principle:

The procedure delivers focused ultrasound energy at precise depths and temperatures to initiate neocollagenesis,

but without disrupting the surface of the skin. This energy jump-starts the collagen building process to replace old,

aging collagen with fresh, new collagen.


Heat as a positive sign. It basically heating small, targeted amounts of soft tissue below the surface of the skin to

a point where the tissue will contract and the area will create new collagen. In order to achieve a significant lifting

effect, the right amount of heat needs to be delivered to the right depths of tissue, and only this technology is capable

of accomplishing both–without injuring the surface of the skin.

Optimal Temperature for Neocollagenesis

Neocollagensis occurs when tissues are heated to a threshold temperature, first denaturing weak collagen and then

stimulating the growth of new collagen. It delivers ultrasound energy at precise temperatures to jump-start the

neocollagenesis process.


Top level handle connection and 1:1 Usb key
2018 Hottest and newly HIFU high intensity focused ultrasound /HIFU machine /HIFU for wrinkle removal
Pre & Post Treatment
1 session with permanent results long last for 2 years ; second session can apply after 1 and half a year .


Focused Ultrasound Face lift Hifu

Input Power     


Output Power    


Input Voltage    


Hifu Transducers

1.5MM 10Mhz;3.0MM 7.5Mhz ,4MM 4.5Mhz

Space Between Thermal Point 

1.5MM-2.5MM step 0.1 MM

Energy output        


Shot Length         

8MM-25MM step 1MM

Handle Shots     

10000 shots

Screen size       


Net Weight of machine  


Net Weight of trolley  



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