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3D/5D Hifu Skin Tigntening Machine

3D HIFU (High Intensdty Focused Uitrasound) is a non-surglcal technolgy which offers brow ifting, lowl lifing. nasola-bial fold recuction,perioroital wrnkle reduction and overall skin fightering and rejuvenation. The highly focusedacoustic cnergy creates thcrmal coogulaticn zones at 3 different depths.Wound heding response rosults in thefornotion of new collagen thus providing longer ferm tichtening of the skin. Tnere is no cown fime associated withthis non invasive prccedure.HIFU has qulckly become one of the mcst sought aftear non-sugical tace liftingtreatments with the need for only one session, and results which can last up to 18 months