One machine for most skin problems


IPL is one of the most widely used light treatment technologies in clinical practice and occupies a very important position in the field of skin aesthetics. IPL is widely used in the treatment of various cosmetic skin diseases, especially those related to photodamage and photoaging, and IPL is mainly applied in the following areas


1. When IPL acts on the skin, the skin will generate a large amount of heat by absorbing light, so that the subcutaneous heat reaches 45-60 degrees, thus promoting collagen regeneration and tightening of collagen fibers, and also promoting blood circulation, improving dullness, refining pores, and tightening skin.

2. When treating hair removal and pigmented diseases, and pigment selectively absorbs the IPL spectrum to produce "internal blast effect" or selective pyrolysis, melanocytes can be destroyed, and melanin vesicles can be broken up.

One machine for most skin problems

3. When treating vascular diseases, the light energy of IPL is preferentially and selectively absorbed by oxyhemoglobin in the blood vessels, and converted into heat energy to heat up in the tissue. When the pulse width of the light wave is smaller than the thermal relaxation pre-time of the target tissue, The temperature of blood vessels can reach the damage threshold of blood vessels, which can destroy blood vessels, cause vascular occlusion and degeneration, and gradually be replaced by microscopic tissue to achieve the purpose of treatment.

4. When treating acne, a large amount of heat works in sterilization, anti-inflammation, and inhibition of sebaceous gland secretion, thus improving acne.