What are the precautions after photon rejuvenation?


Photo rejuvenation is a very safe and effective medical form of skin care and maintenance. But what are the precautions after photon rejuvenation? For many beauty seekers, this is more concerned, because many people are not very clear, in fact, everyone who does photon rejuvenation should pay attention to postoperative maintenance, Because only good nursing methods can make recovery faster after surgery, avoid other complications, and make the skin condition better after treatment.


1. Sun protection

Just after photon rejuvenation, it is not particularly suitable for applying sunscreen. You can use physical sunscreen to wear sunglasses, masks, umbrellas, etc. to achieve the purpose of sunscreen. After a few days, apply sunscreen.

2. Use of skin care products

Because the skin is fragile after photon rejuvenation, all skin care products used at this time must be pure plants. And don't wash your face excessively. It is recommended to wash your face directly with warm water, and don't use facial cleaner. Can't make up, because these will affect the therapeutic effect of the skin, and it is likely to leave pigmentation.

3. The skin may appear dark or crusted.

Because some people's skin has obvious pigmentation and so on, it is very likely that scabs will appear after the treatment, so don't worry too much at this time. Don't pick it off with your hands. Slowly wait for it to fall off, and your skin will become very smooth and white.


4. Diet

The usual diet doesn't really have anything to do with photon rejuvenation, but if eating some irritating food at ordinary times will make the skin worse, then some similar situations will still appear after photon rejuvenation.

5. Good skin care habits

Good skin care habits can actually keep the effect of photon rejuvenation for a longer time, because different people's care methods actually last for different time. Usually, they should adhere to sun protection and replenish water regularly. Keep a good lifestyle and avoid staying up late, so that your skin can always be in the best condition.