Precautions for laser hair removal


Daily maintenance before and after treatment

1. The skin after hair removal can not be exposed to the sun, and the exposed parts must pay attention to sun protection.

2. After treatment, do not use functional skin care products,but need to use hydrating and moisturizing repair products.

3. Do not wash the treatment area with hot water on the treatment day, clean it with warm or cold water.

4. Avoid going to hot places , bathing, sauna within a week, and try not to rub the treatment area.

5. Diet as light as possible in a week,and avoid spicy, seafood, irritating foods, photosensitive foods.

6. While using laser hair removal,you cant use other methods of hair removal, otherwise it may cause dermatitis, resulting in pigmentation.

7. After the hair removal surgery, the skin is more sensitive and easy to become inflamed, so it is necessary to change intimate clothing in time.

8. Vitamin C can improve skin resistance, reduce pigment production, and supplement vitamin C more.

9. Do not squeeze, press or rub the skin where red spots appear, if the operation part is particularly red after treatment, timely ice it to reduce redness.


Precautions for laser hair removal

Taboo crowd

1. Pregnancy

2. Those who have been exposed to the sun within two weeks

3. There are open wounds and infectious wounds in the working area.

4. People who have recently taken photosensitive drugs and are allergic to light.

5. Severe scar constitution (hyperplastic scar constitution)

6. It is forbidden to operate the upper eyelids and lips.

7. Suffering from skin diseases (psoriasis, vitiligo, etc.)

8. People who are in the period of allergy

9. Epilepsy patients, severe heart disease, diabetes, hypertension

10. Those who use efficacy products need to stop using them for one month before they can operate, and efficacy products cannot be used during the treatment period.