• In fact, giving your clients a facial care is a very simple task.

    We all know that our bodies are losing collagen and the levels gradually decline as we get older


  • Some frequently asked questions about HIFU

    HIFU is the first instrument that can treat SMAS in a non-invasive way.


  • Effective improvement of red blood, without useless work

    Effective improvement of red blood


  • led Spectrometer-It's actually very simple to have young skin

    It's really not IQ tax! I didn't know it really worked until I used it!


  • The principle of action of micro-needling

    Women start to lose collagen at the age of 20.


  • How much do you know about the postoperative care of FRACTIONAL CO2 LASER MACHINE?

    Let me tell you about the postoperative care of FRACTIONAL CO2 LASER MACHINE!


  • IPL Super Hair Removal E Light Machine uses intense pulsed light technology

    IPL Super Hair Removal E Light Machine uses intense pulsed light technology.


  • Do you know the function of musculpting machine?

    The sculpting muscule building and fat burning machine has many function


  • cryolipolysis body shaping machine to help you become slim

    Have a well-proportioned and beautiful body


  • New 808nm laser beauty instrument, unique and high quality

    The 808nm diode laser instrument has no pain during hair removal, and you will feel a little prickly at the maximum degree which hair removal effect is the best


  • Still worried about the skin aging problem because of age?

    Therefore, the main cause of skin aging is the loss of collagen


  • Anti-aging + scar removal + curing pigment lesions + improving large pores = reasons for choosing Fractional Laser Machine

    The negative impact of fractional laser treatment is very small. After treatment, daily food as usual, normally to avoid exposure to the sun, humidity, itching and spicy food.


  • One machine for most skin problems

    IPL is one of the most widely used light treatment technologies in clinical practice and occupies a very important position in the field of skin aesthetics.


  • Are you facing such troubles in summer?

    For summer, do you face the problem of wearing a skirt but having hair on your legs? Then the 808nm semiconductor laser epilator will effectively solve the problem of leg hair. This article will show


  • How to quickly lose excess fat in the body

    Obesity is a kind of disease, which affects the beauty and temperament, and easily causes various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases


  • What are the precautions after photon rejuvenation?

    Photo rejuvenation is a very safe and effective medical form of skin care and maintenance. But what are the precautions after photon rejuvenation?


  • Magnetic Slim helps you "gain muscle + lose fat" in one step!

    It is the only instrument in the world that can simultaneously increase muscle and reduce fat, and the only instrument that can consume energy and prevent obesity.


  • Precautions for laser hair removal

    Daily maintenance before and after treatment and taboo crowd


  • Are you still using a scraper, beeswax, or hair removal cream? Come and try diode laser hair removal, so you can easily get rid of body hair!

    In order to effectively and long-lasting hair removal, it is still necessary to "prescribe the right medicine", and the most advanced and effective hair removal method on the market at present is dio


  • HIFU post-treatment tips

    In recent years, medical-grade HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) treatment has gain popularity as a non-surgical cosmetic alternative, aiming at restoring firm, fair and radiant skin.