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Cryolipolysis Slimming Equipment(NBW-C122)


How Non-invasive Cryolipolysis Works?

As triglyceride in fat can be converted into solid in particular low temperature,cryolipolysis uses advanced cooling technology to target fat bulges selectively and eliminate fat cells throgh a gradual prcess that does not harm the surrounding tissues through the body's normal metabolim process,to eliminate unwated fat


What are the feelings during the treatment?
Using sophisticated computer program to control temperature in a safe range.In the first 5 minutes,the patient feels a little warm,whih gradually turns into cold in the treatment area,in clinical experience:no medication to relieve pain,no invasive wound,no pains.During the process of treatment,patient feels uncomfortableness caused by powerful suction coming from the probe,but it disappears gradually,then there is no special feeling but a little cold paralysis.During the treatment,patient can play computer or even take comfortable snap


Treatment Applications:
1.Fat reduce, loss weight, Body Slimming
2.Tighten skin, anti-aging
3.Improve blood circulation and metabolism
4.Smooth scar and wrinkles
5.Smooth striae gravidarum
6.Add skin moisture
7.Enhance fibroblast elastic tissue
Before-after pictures:


 Technical data:


Screen 10.4 inch touch color screen
Handle screen 2 inch 
Work model Work model
Vacuum handle A 0kpa-100kpa    handle B 0kpa-100kp
Pulse width 0.5-10s
Handles Cooling temperature: -15—5centigrade
Voltage AC220V±10%,50Hz/ AC110V±10%,60Hz
Output power 1800W

Date:2014-12-15 20:49
monster beats review
monster beats review